Witch, the collaborative project from two of hip hop’s fiercest hardcore queens has been a long time coming, and now, it is finally upon us.

Fans of the two Memphis rap icons will already know what to expect from this record, but for those that haven’t followed their long and accomplished careers, Gangsta Boo and La Chat have conjured up a brew of mean rhymes that set alight the LP’s ominous, pulsating production values.

This isn’t the Rainbow Brite rap that has somehow managed to infest the airwaves as of late. No, this is a culmination of years of rhyming like a beast, scorching, rapid fire flows and lyrics that burn into one’s psyche. Boo and Chat have always been serious about their craft and after their many contributions to Three Six Mafia’s legacy, along with their own individual LP’s and mixtapes, its great to have them back in the spotlight.

The album opens with the perfectly eerie ‘Witch Brew’, which sets the tone for the rest of the record.Fefe Dobson on the hook is genius, her unearthly tone creating a delightfully twisted atmosphere that fuses nicely with the Will Power beat. Gangsta Boo drizzles her undeniable charisma all over the first verse and sets the listener up for La Chat’s lyrical assault on the second.

Tracks like ‘Buss It’ and ‘On That’ feature the anthem like choruses that have become synonymous with Three Six Mafia hits like ‘Tear Da Club Up’, ensuring a rowdy and infectious experience. Pills and potions are the order of the day on ‘Till The Day’ and for some compelling story telling, ‘Sweet Robbery’ serves up a tale of vengeance that will make anyone think twice before double crossing Lola Mitchell and Chastity Daniels.

When its time for sexual exploits, ‘Freaky Girls II’ and ‘Sum 2 Do’ offer up the goods. Chat and Boo are pretty assertive when describing their sexcapades, and as guest Jelly Roll croons his affections for long hair and pretty feet on the former, the girls confess their addiction for head and rough sex. Always ready to treat men like chickenheads, these rap sorceresses never hesitate to let it be known that they are in control.

As Witch draws to a close, the sublime guitars on standout ‘Thelma and Louise’ add an extra dimension to the iBeatz Productions arrangement which elevates the personal tone of the song. Here, Gangsta Boo and La Chat recount their status as underground rap legends whilst encouraging the haters to work on themselves.

Ultimately, this LP is more than just a gift to longtime fans of these two femme fatales. It is a testament to the longevity of two women who have paid their dues and who continue to establish themselves in a genre that all too often skims over the hard work and influence of many an artist that isn’t shoved down the throat of consumers by the mainstream media. Proof that female rappers are completely capable of working together, Witch is sure to hypnotize minds with Boo and Chat’s mixture of hardcore flows and attitude. After all, they are the Supremes.

Oh…yeaaaah ain’t know? Well, now you do.