Brooke Candy finally delivers her long awaited EP, Opulence to her legion of devoted fans. The Freaky Princess has crafted five tracks that encapsulate her many facets as a rapper and singer, ensuring that listeners get a taste of everything she has to offer.

Having already fascinated many with previous cuts like ‘Das Me’, ‘I Wanna Fuck Right Now’ and ‘Everybody Does’, Candy had lofty expectations to meet. Her attitude, combined with her quick witted delivery and in your face sexuality, hasn’t really been since since Lil Kim’s heyday, ramping up the anticipation for the EP to near bursting point.

Yes, there have been sexually explicit rappers since the Queen Bee, but Brooke Candy takes things back to when a woman was in complete control of whatever situation she was in. She indulges in whatever takes her fancy, with whoever takes her fancy, be it male or female, and everything is done on her terms.

Its this exhibition of power that makes her so exciting and a welcome combatant in the battlefield that is the hip hop genre. As the EP opens with the pulsating drums and sirens of the title track, the Fag Mobbstress reigns supreme with rhymes that mirror the affluence she has been afforded.

With wealth comes power and sex, and the following ‘Pop Rock’ and ‘Bed Squeak’ embody Candy’s intoxicating sensuality and prowess perfectly. The military rhythm of the former drives up the anticipation of promised sexual exploits, whilst the latter shines thanks to Brooke’s rapid fire flow. Recalling Lady Saw’s tongue in cheek ‘Bed Noise’, the Freaky Princess teases with talk of stripping and Fag Mob’s imminent take over, reminding listeners of why they fell in love with her in the first place.

Ending with the braggadocios ‘Feel Yourself (Alcohol)’ and the new ratchet anthem, ‘Godzillionaire’, Candy ensures that the Opulence EP offers fans a taste of all that makes her so lovable. Her ferocity as a performer is translated nicely into her tone and flow, ensuring that the top notch production values never outshine her. Remaining the star from beginning to end, Brooke has delivered an effort that translates her boisterous, hedonistic and empowered persona nicely.