The sumptuous tones of Nomi Ruiz continue to work their magic on the singer/songwriter’s latest effort, ‘Sailing’.

The combination of steady drums, delicate  acoustic guitar and intermittent harmonica creates the ideal environment for Ruiz’s lovelorn sentiments to flourish.

Anyone familiar with her work will already know that Nomi’s skill as a writer is elevated all the more thanks to her transcendent vocals, and on ‘Sailing’, she succeeds yet again in drawing the listener into a realm of wondrous melancholy.

Ruiz manages to transfix her audience by capturing the sentiments that envelope us the moment love decides to  slip away. Always the poet, she seduces with lines like “the scales are leaning on one side and pouring over me , love was once a friend of mine but now she’s bored of me”, leaving you entranced via her use of imagery and personification.

‘Sailing’ harbours a more restrained sound than the majority of what was offered on ‘Borough Gypsy’ or on Jessica 6’s ‘See the Light’ and as fans await the follow up to the latter, they can coast to the understated beauty of this aural gem.

Hear more of Nomi’s elegant hiphop/soul on her soundcloud page, which you can access here.