When Monty Python introduced the world to the rabid bunny in his film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the image of the small, fluffy mammal was altered forever. What once was an adorable sidekick to a young, motherless fawn (Bambi) was now a creature capable of mangling a human (on film) and since then, there have been several bunnies that have challenged the mainstream’s perception of the critters.

When 2007 rolled around, a particularly intriguing Bunny surfaced. Hailing from New York, this particularly fierce MC was ready to ravage with her array of deliciously twisted rhymes. Calling herself Bunny Rabbit, Melisa Rincon introduced a new type of rapper to the world, one that coloured well outside the lines of hip hop’s self imposed square.

In 2014, Rincon has replaced her ‘Rabbit’ moniker with ‘Michael’ to usher in a new phase in her artistry. On her new EP, Rainbow Licker. her smooth, docile flow remains eerily enchanting, as does her unforgettable psychedelic lyricism.

The EP opens with ‘Southside’, the ominous production juxtaposed perfectly with Michaels’ signature sweet sing-song hooks. “Boy on the inside, girl on the outside, do you wanna play with me, I live on the Southside” chants Bunny as she challenges gender roles within a genre that makes no secret of its rigid views regarding sexuality.

Following track ‘Holy Holy’ embodies a similar energy that ‘Dirty Dirt’ did on Lovers & Crypts. Michael exudes a sugary ferocity as she spits, “Holy holy, fuck me if you wanna, I been waiting for ya, I fucken adore ya”. The punk infused, synth laden production kicks up the adrenaline that the obsessive, almost frantic chorus incites.

Things do slow down a tad on ‘Cool to Me’. Here, the gloomy, industrial arrangement pulses steadily before closer ‘A.F.D (Angel Fucking Dream)’ ramps things up again with a dirty electro groove that proves a fitting end to an exhilarating project.

Ultimately,  Rainbow Licker is a welcome continuation of the many juxtapositions that made Lovers & Crypts so fascinating. Religion, sexuality, gender and social commentary are all brought together in a way that is, for lack of a better term, thrilling and Michael now stands as one of the most exciting artists one could ever listen to.

The Rainbow Licker EP is available on iTunes.